This has been cleaned up so many times of litter and N0S canisters.

Waitrose bench

We cleaned the bench of dog poo so people could sit down.

newton grove

We have cleaned the Newton Grove alleyway as it was very overgrown.

hobbes close

We have cleaned up Hobbes Close times now due to the ammount of litter and leaves that make the path slippery.

About Me

Hi, im Ben Thornbury i’m 15.

Hi i’m 15 years old and have lived in Malmesbury all of my life. I met Julie when I was 10 then I helped her with her lawn and then we started the community project “Helping The Commmunity Of Malmesbury. I also help people with computer support.


I offer tech support to the town of Malmesbury, Wiltshire I help with all sorts.

acheive the best for my clients

I like to acheive the best for my clients and also listen to them to see there needs.

always check on them after

Lorem ipAfter I have helped my clients I like to keep in conact so they can let me know easily if they have an issue.

support them

If the client needs extra support like a guide making for them then support them and make a “Computer Guide” book.

build a relationship with the client

Build a close relationship with the client so they always come back to you and not a competitor computer support business.

Computer support I offer:

I can help with many things on a computer some of the things are listed below:

set up

For some set up of a laptop/computer is the hardest part of it. I can help with that.

Programs install

Some people find it hard to install apps/programs on there computer.

support with smaller issues

I can help with the slighlty minor issues like if you are forgetting your password a lot we can find a solution.

major computer support can be offered.

Any major issues I can help with. Just use the conact form to conact me.


Take a look at some of the photo’s of myself and Julie. And some of the cleans we have done over the last few years.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our facebook supporters say:

Well done. Try and encourage your friends Ben to help. More the better.”



These lively people deserve recognition!”



Well done Ben and Julie fantastic job and love the video”



Take a look at the litter tally website to enter the number of bin bags you have collected.

Our Team

Here are some of our amazing team. Take a look at them and see if you recognise any??









Latest news from our blog

I will be blogging main events that happen or major cleans that occur. I will try and do a blog post every week if I can.

08/03/2021 – 5+ years ago the cleaning campaign was formed here in Malmesbury. Never did we think that it would be going this long and even now have many more volunteers getting involved litter pickings streets and main roads and personally to myself its all blown […]
I would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you all for your support this year. You don’t realise how much your likes, comments mean to us and it shows us how much you like our work and for that we are […]
Ben Thornbury, aged 15, from Wiltshire, set up ‘Malmesbury Coronavirus Advice and Support’, an online platform connecting 65 local volunteers to people in need throughout the pandemic. Through the platform, Ben, with close support from his neighbour Julie Taylor and volunteers across the local area, offer […]

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